Our Approach

It's not easy to make sense of today's ever changing financial markets.  Therefore, it is critically important for investors to get the right persepective on where markets are going and how it might impact your investment portfolio.


Before we can begin crafting a customized portfolio for you, there are several critical factors to consider. For example;

  • Your personal investing goals

  • What is your investing "time horizon"?

  • What is your attitude toward risk?

​Once we find out some preliminary information, we can then begin constructing your custom portfolio for your very specific needs.


Goal Identification

Portfolio Construction


During our initial meeting, we will review your current financial position and create a confidential client profile.  This confidential client profile will allow us to know you on a deeper level to help us better understand your needs and goals.   

After reviewing your current financial position, we will be able to identify your risk tolerance in order to help identify long-term financial goals. 

We believe that our client’s financial needs are very unique and shouldn’t be given the “cookie cutter” treatment.  We design a portfolio specifically for you needs/goals and believe this is the best and most cost effective way for you to achieve financial freedom.  

After carefully constructing a custom portfolio, our team will constantly monitor your portfolio.  Financial markets change rapidly, so we find it critical to be proactive about our data/research gathering.  We will schedule annual reviews as well to ensure your financial objectives and goals remain current.  

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