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Investment Management

Personalized Investment 


Whatever your needs may be, our team will help analyze your current financial situation and create a consolidated, cohesive investment management strategy.  As part of the investment strategy, we build our clients an investment portfolio to fit their proper risk tolerance and financial goals.

Financial Consulting

Financial consulting is the foundation on which we craft the right long-term investment plans for our clients.  It is critical for us to learn about our clients before helping to clarifiy and prioritize both their life and financial goals.


About Us

MQ Capital was founded in 2013 and is an Investment Firm based in Orange County, California.
We craft customized portfolios for our clients specific risk tolerance and financial goals.  We believe that not all of our clients have the same risk tolerance or financial goals, therefore we don't believe a simple "cookie-cutter" approach to asset allocation is prudent for our clients. We invest alongside our investors with our very best ideas.  
Our sole investment objective is to deliver exceptional long-term and risk managed performance through investing in high quality, publicly-traded equities, securities and instruments.  Our investment philosophy is based on an arduous process of fundamental research which includes independent research and analysis of publicly available information and proprietary research and analysis.

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